Huamoa bananas

Huamoa bananas
Caption: Huamoa is a cultivar domesticated in the Pacific region. The fat sausage-shaped fruits belong to a group of bananas called Popoulu, which along with the Maoli and Iholena bananas, are often referred to as Pacific Plantains. In the United States, the fruits, which are grown in Florida, are marketed as Maya Hawaiian Plantains. The word Maya is a spelling variation of Mai'a, the Polynesian word for banana.
Keywords: Pacific plantain, Fruit, Cultivar diversity, Maoli-Popoulu subgroup, Popoulu banana
Date shot: March 2008
Locality: Beltsville
Province/State: Maryland
Country: United States of America
Region: Northern America
Photographer: Vezina, Anne / Bioversity International
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