Internal symptoms of BWAP

Internal symptoms of BWAP
Caption: Internal symptoms (discontinuous necrotic vascular streaks and pockets of rot and discolouration) observed in a cooking banana (ABB genome, Kalapua subgroup) during surveys conducted in Papua New Guinea to investigate an unusual wilt disease that was later linked to a phytoplasma. The phytoplasma could belong to a new species tentatively named Banana wilt associated phytoplasma (BWAP). The surveys provided the strongest evidence so far that phytoplasmas can cause disease in bananas.
Keywords: Disease, Symptoms, Pseudostem, Phytoplasma, Pests and diseases
Date shot: November 2009
Locality: Taman
Province/State: Morobe Province
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Oceania
Photographer: Davis, Richard / Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
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