Here are some tips to help you navigate Musarama and use its functionalities

From the Images page, you can browse through all the photos by clicking on the page number. You can also browse through the photos related to a given topic in the Browse by keyword menu on the left. Click on View all images at the bottom of the left menu to see all the photos in the image bank.

Click on View details to view the photo and its associated information, and to download the photo.

Click on the Search tab to search using search criteria. The Any text field is not case sensitive but the words have to be an exact match. The search results will appear under the search interface.
If you want to change your search criteria, click on Reset to clear the fields and the search results.

Downloading photos
To download a photo, click on View details and Download this image at the right of the photo.

Crediting photos
The name of the photographer is on the photo. Moreover, all images contain metadata, such as caption and other information on where and when the photo was taken. These data are readable by almost all image manipulation programmes. By embedding the data in the files, we hope users will find it easier to make use of the images and their associated information. It should also be easier to give credit where credit is due.

Using photos
The photos are for non-commercial use only and must be attributed. They cannot be used for commercial purpose unless permission has been obtained. Contact the image bank manager for more information. Online users should also provide a hyperlink to the image in Musarama.